Saturday Sabbath message 11/6/21

Silence Speaks Saturday Sabbath

Having fellowship with the Word. Message for today is what God has for you is for you and we cannot serve two masters.

It speaks in 2 Corinthians 5:17, where once you begin to walk with God, old things perish and pass away. Old things no longer feel good or excite you. They no longer stimulate you: Your thoughts and actions begin to change. The things you do and the people you’re around. Your friends begin to change. Sometimes, you may feel like you’re being isolated. You may feel alone. This is quite the opposite. This is when God is working on you.

When you start to see the things, people, and activities in your life change. Take a step back and have a conversation with God. This is when God is operating on you to get your attention and focus.

God needs to have you where He needs you. Abraham had to move to certain areas and follow the commandments of God. Abraham gained the promise of God by walking with God. In Genesis 26, King Abimelech and Isaac had to part ways as the king recognized the God in Isaac.

God wants us to be equally yoked, to live a holy life, obey His commandments, and God needs one who is willing to follow Him through faith and works. Will you walk with God?

The message of today is to follow and obey the Voice of God. God is always speaking. Understand that we can’t serve two masters. Don’t be afraid to give away carnal things to Be rewarded spiritually. The Spirit provides for all things. We will not be fully blessed until we get equally yoked and yield our all to God.

Wishing everyone fruitful and rewarding time with God.

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