FACTS For the MANY RACISTS OUT THERE. Some ENLIGHTENMENT FOR BLACKS. Ask yourself: why are the oldest mummies black? Oldest bones black people? All pointing to Africa. Study Herodotus, DNA, SCIENCE, ARCHEOLOGY. NUMEROLOGY. Etymology. If whites can’t take the sun, how are they the children of the sun? Ra? Horus? Osiris? Amen- Revelations 3:14. Blacks the last pyramid builders. Black Sphinx. Last greatest civilizations. America Israel and Africa Israel.All BLACK. GOOGLE IT: WHY DOES THE POPE PRAY IN SECRET TO BLACK HORUS AND ISIS? Why does EVERY RELIGION in the world DRAW FROM EGYPTIAN RELIGION? Why was every land started by blacks/dispersed Jews/Egyptians? YOU MUST KNOW ANGLO-SAXONS (whites) RE-WROTE HISTORY. Ham/Shem ARE BLACK. No Japheth in ISRAEL. God NEVER DEALT WITH (whites) ANGLO-SAXONS. It’s evident from their behavior, lack of love, and civilization declining since their reign of power and a stolen black history.

Nothing godly about it. No love. Just as they made Jesus white, they did the same with Osiris. And every deity in the planet. Even though they still practice black religion controlling secrets of immortality in secret, Once they learned and controlled the hieroglyphs, mystery religion, and secret sciences, they cursed it and rewrote white supremacy. A false history that ARCHEOLOGY CANNOT SUPPORT- we have been living through religion. The worship of racist men as gods. Is that why Jesus rode a donkey? Evil Slavemasters. Then, they cursed and demonized true black history. Well, it took a Black King James to bring the English a Bible! Think about it. Blacks when you read these books, KNOW THIS IS YOUR BLACK HISTORY. RECLAIM IT.

It’s interesting how every religion professes to love all and care for the poor. And represent God. When in reality, the stories of the poor have been erased from history. Religions birthed out of kings morphed into gods. How can we ever know the true history of earth. Earth’s and man’s beginning. Blacks left it in the pyramids and mummies. True black religion of the Nile. Especially, when common man couldn’t read, write, nor inscribe messages to speak to the future. The true history of the masses (black majority world population) has been removed from the pages of “history”. OUR PAST HAS BEEN FORBIDDEN AND MENTALLY PROGRAMMED AWAY. We are worshipping the MINORITY representation of Earth’s history RE-written. You’re getting milk, but the mucus is causing cancer. A cancer that results in the death of cells. The end of life. Discover the blackness of God inside of you. The black spirit hovering the waters of the deep. In the beginning. From up on high. ASK THOSE RACIST WHITES, WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE BLACK SO BAD?

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