Signs of the times 11/23/21

I need everyone to understand the signs of the times and to know what time we are truly in.

We are in the last days of the Gentile world. We are living the book of Revelations and many prophesies are being revealed and fulfilled.

With that said, the Bible speaks of times of increased terror and violence. Satan knows he’s on borrowed time. So, expect an increase in wickedness and sin. This is clearly evident on social media, and on our media, film, and entertainment outlets.

You will witness much degradation, wickedness, and lust just by watching a movie or a music video. I’m my hometown, young kids shot up a school bus that was filled with students. This level of violence has never been before. They had to shut the schools on lockdown! Remember, mass violence is needed to justify a government official lockdown!

We don’t need a police state. We must step up and police ourselves to stop the violence.

We must pray for our youth and children. We must also be more active in our communities; take more active roles to shape the culture to one of God. Those that know Christ must work more to educate and save others. We must work diligently to eradicate violence. We must all have on the full armor of God. This means to be baptized in the spirit of repentance and the Holy Ghost. The time to be saved is now!

Also, let’s all remember the homeless and needy during this winter season as it will be a very cold winter.

Silence Speaks Jesus Saves

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