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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

My name is Gian Michael Simmons and I will be your host. I will be accompanying you on this journey to the quiet place found deep within. It is there that you will uncover life’s hidden meanings and purpose. It is my goal that you quiet the noise, discover the sounds of silence, and experience the true power of love.

I will be personally escorting you on this journey. I decided to write this book and share the story of Life and Love through the engagements of words and characters. I wanted to be the voice of the voiceless. The voice of the many unspoken and, often, forgotten. I challenge you to search your life and search your soul. May you find that Silence Speaks. May you discover the true power of love. I Speak Life and I Speak Love For You. Be Healed. Be Delivered. Be Set Free. Allow me to take you on a interplanetary journey beyond asteroids, stars, and planets. May this journey take you to a quiet place where the winds don’t blow. Let it allow you to hear your own voice and the voice of your higher self. From the homeless to the rich and famous, you will hear your stories. My goal was to share stories that transcended across all ages, races, cultures, sex, and classes. I interviewed homeless people and many professionals. I heard their stories and wanted to share them with the world. In their stories, may you discover that We Are One and that no human being can be any more or less human than the next. In spite of our individual circumstances, We Are One.

I write daily and very often. I have been writing and speaking, on a national level, since I was in the fifth grade. When I was 10 years old, I represented New York State and the nation at the White House. I wrote a speech and presented the Late New York State Governor Mario Cuomo with an award the we made for him in arts class. I also presented my poem I wrote and speech at the event. This event was very important because we were celebrating my school, and others, becoming a magnet school. Magnet schools were established, after the Civil Rights Movement, to promote diversity and equality in the education system. Being a part of history would later reveal my true gift. I became a orator of words and a true King of Hearts.

As I matured and aged, I developed an affinity for words. I also enjoyed reading, writing, and public speaking. I began to nurture my talents. I became a student of words and characters. I study their meanings and engagements. I appreciate their rich meaning and divine significance. I would read the dictionary, daily, and learn new words. I love to challenge myself with learning. I became fascinated by books. As a child, I would ask my mother to buy me books and art supplies as gifts instead of toys and video games. I was always writing and creating things. My creativity matured to a level whereby I mastered the art of discipline. That was my way of having fun as a child and even as an adult. I was tested as a genius in elementary school.

My writing talents and skills would land me an opportunity to write for the local newspaper. I had written several published articles when I was only thirteen years old and worked with them for two years. Writing is very natural to me. It would amaze you to know that many of my poems and writings were written within minutes and most of them requiring very little editing. It’s like I hear messages, songs, and poetry all day. I hear the smallest details. I am very spiritually grounded. I am very connected with heaven. Musical and poetic seeds are divinely sown in me daily. These seeds I sow in the people. I speak to you. I speak for you. I love you. I am you. Make your life interplanetary and travel, with me, to the place where Silence Speaks.

The time has come to speak to the hearts and minds of Earth’s inhabitants to encourage love, peace, and unity, To end the destruction of relationships and to remind us that We Are One.

This book will highlight areas in personal development, inter-personal relationships, leadership, faith, Spirituality, motivation, strength, and character.

I am also a student of history and knowledge. I am a seeker of wisdom and higher truth. Before man was able to write, knowledge and history was passed through verbally through spoken words, poetic forms, and songs. Silence Speaks engages in this approach and I hope that you discover its rich and deep meaning.

I wrote Silence Speaks for all those that live amongst us and call ourselves human, including ourselves. This book is for all those that know that they are human and inhabit the earth but wonder where, in the world, did I come from? They live amongst us. They’re even in our body. In fact, when we look ourselves in the mirror, something extra-terrestrial is looking right at them. Sometimes we wonder, not only where did I come from, but if I am human at all. We live amongst each other. We breathe the same air. May we uncover the commonality and oneness of all.

The time has come for man to abandon his destructive and wicked ways. To depart from wickedness and evil. To end corruption and violence. To end inequalities. To end injustice. To return Love into hearts, minds, and actions. To raise the consciousness. We are love. We are a product of love’s imagination morphed into matter. May we restore the hope and love for all. We are One.

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On Monday, April 26, 2021 Silence Speaks will be available on Paperback and Ebook everywhere books are sold. It will be released in 3 volumes on April 26, 2021. Have a pleasant day.

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