Silence Speaks College, The Garden of Life

We are all experiencing a physical reality in the life of physical college I wrote this volume to prepare you to better understand yourself and the world around you. This is critical as you engage in this physical reality. We learn through our engagements and life experiences. We are also magnetic creatures. Like attracts like. With this in mind, it’s very critical to conquer your heart and mind before, during, and after engagements with others. I’ll toss some food for thought. If you are attracting negativity and toxic people in your life, it’s a natural reflection of your inner self. Look within and fix within, A positive person will have difficulties attracting a negative person. However, a negative inner-person would naturally attract a negative person, place, or thing. Those that are raising their vibrational frequencies will naturally attract positive and healthy people. Keep this is mind as you examine the relationships in your life and the current states.

Silence Speaks is available in Six complete volumes wherever books are sold.
















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