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The stomach is the most toxic part of the human body. The walls of the stomach protects the body against this toxicity. Without the stomach, we will not be able to live. The lines of the stomach can be stretched out and damaged due to things such as overeating and drug abuse. We overuse our stomach on a daily basis. We are constantly putting something into our mouth and consuming. America is truly a CONSUMPTION nation in EVERY WAY. This includes the way we eat. If you can control your consumption of foods, you can lengthen the cords of your life. I would suggest to eliminate all junk food, fast food, fried food, meats, eggs, dairy, bread, yeast, soda, high fructose corn syrup, fatty foods, processed food, canned food, and caution all medicine, vitamins, and supplements. Many, of which, lead to disease and sickness by their method of production. Obtain natural sources. Also, limit eating to once a day and the same time, daily. These are simple steps to begin to improve your health and not overwork your stomach with unnecessary waste. Health is wealth and you cannot claim spiritual enlightenment void of health. This is my problem with religion and your gods. Silence Speaks

Silence Speaks by Gian Michael Simmons

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Volume One: Life

Volume Two: Love

Volume Three: Consciousness

Volume Four: The Motivation

Volume Five: College, The Garden of Life

Volume Six: Burning Trees






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