Silence Speaks Meditation Tips and Group

Silence Speaks Meditation tips: The hair follicles are like radio transmitters. If you are meditating, do not cut your hair. You will notice the difference. Also, slow and deep breathing. Stretch. Drink hydrogenated water. Avoid water one hour before meditating and try to use the bathroom before and after. Avoid meats and sweets. Get proper rest and quiet time. Sun and moon gaze. Meditate often and daily.

Caution: the akashic records are accessible as pure truth. Ones individual perception will vary depending on the level of consciousness, you may misinterpret the download. When in doubt, ask the universe for confirmations. Be mindful of the law of attraction, power of thought creation, and the law of synchronization. Also, watch the signs in nature and animals. This will confirm your downloads. Also, trust your heart and gut.