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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

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The Call For The Return Of LIBERATED LOVE

Humbly submitted and released into this earthly realm, sacred and powerful messages echoing from eternity, through the ages, speaking unconditional love. Love that’s anchored on the sacred, eternal and undying faith, not just faith in a higher power, but true consciousness; Oneness. Since the universal consciousness exists outside of space and time, everything in space and time are connected. Nothing is divided or separated. We must, thus, return to this state of Oneness to discover that, with love, all things are possible.

We must examine the things that divide us, such as privilege and return to the self-made man and woman. By self-made men, I mean precisely what the phrase imparts to the popular mind. They are the men who, without the ordinary help and favoring circumstances which usually distinguish and promote success, have risen, in one way or another and attained knowledge, wisdom, power, position, and fame in the world.

They are the men who owe very little to birth, relationships, or friendly surroundings. They have neither had the advantage of wealth inherited, nor early training, nor approved means of education. Like the overtaxed Hebrew slaves of Egypt, they have been required to make bricks without straw. They are the men and women who have come up, not only without the voluntary aid and assistance of society, but often in open, direct and derisive defiance of all powers and efforts of society to obstruct, repress, and keep them down. They were purposed into creation to inspire, motivate, build, engineer and stretch out the curtains of man’s habitations and usher mankind into the very cradle of embracing our Divine Purpose, Rights, and Gifts as Eternal Sons and Daughters of our Perfect and Eternal Creator; hence, created by a Creator to afford mankind with the powers and abilities to experience life abundantly and navigate the endless fountains of living waters which flows out the hearts of true believers.

They are the men that time couldn't defeat or trap. They mastered their skills, talents, and abilities to soar like Eagles and embrace realms of existence whereby time is timeless. In a world of schools, colleges, and other institutions of learning, they have been compelled to obtain education out of fire, air, earth, and water. In a peculiar sense, they are indebted to themselves for themselves and are architects of their own fortunes. Creators perfectly created by a Creator, thereby inheriting the true powers of man to be creators and sustainers of Life. If they have traveled far, they have made the road on which they traveled. If they have ascended high, they have built their own ladder. Flying, without wings, like eagles soaring beyond earthly realms and heights. Questing without bounds. Seeking and Finding.

They are the men who come from fathomless social depths and have burst the social strata that bound them; like roses that grew from concrete and not wounded or defeated by the thorns masked behind the beauty of the rose pedals. From the cornfield, the plow, and the workbench, from the heartless pavements of large and over crowded cities, barefoot, hungry, and friendless, out of the depths, obscurity, darkness, and destitution, they have come. Flung overboard in the midnight storm, on a perilous ocean, without oars, ropes, or life-preservers, they have bravely buffeted the frowning billows with their own sinewy arms, and have risen in safety, where other men, supplied with the best appliances, have fainted, despaired and gone down.

Such men as these, whether we find them in one position or another, whether in the college or in the factory, whether professors or plowmen, whether of Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-African origin, are self-made men, and have fairly won that title, and what honor soever that title implies.

We stand at a time where we must find love. I am certain, however, if the people are provided with more pure water, enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins, they will be afforded with the opportunity to regain the substance and inner-strengths to deter from their destructive and deadly ways and chose to embrace love. Man’s purpose is to stretch out their curtains and tents of their habitations, strengthening the stakes, and filling desolate cities, nations, and hearts with the strongest elements known to man; that being Love and Water, uncontaminated and abundantly flowing with living water and not still-water that emits horrible scents like the rotten meat from the many dreams deferred. We need more substantive efforts and more attempts to bring Love back to her rightful place in the hearts, minds, and actions of the people. Questing without bounds, seeking and we shall find, knocking and doors will be opened and we shall find Love perched on the very fire escapes of people's souls. Souls so wounded and battered to, whereby, they have pledged lives anchored on fears, ignorance, and destruction. It's said that the house is where the heart resides, thus we say a house is a heart of love. People so wounded, hearts so heavily accumulated and polluted with toxicity, souls carrying the frozen and heavy load arriving at an existence whereby people are living lives far less-than what we were created and purposed to live. So heavily soiled in fears, doubts, hurts, and pains that they are so afraid to enter their own homes. That they are, in essence, living on the fire escapes of their souls; living partial, if any, real living life or living palliatively. Forgotten that the cold and broken still have a hallelujah.

Yes, Love, herself can be saved and it's not too late to parachute her back into the hearts and souls of the living dead. For this day shall we proclaim the return of Love in the fullness, beauty, and true joy of her warm embrace. This day, shall, living waters flow abundantly out the hearts and bellies of the renewed souls that rise and awaken with a new song, a new joy, a renewed commitment to chose Love and Life. And, to accept that they are the head and not the tail. My brothers, my sisters anointed in the many colors and charms the rainbow radiates reminding us of the covenant that we have with our Creator. We are the very rainbow in sky of our Creator. Man be healed, delivered, and set free. Not someday, not one day, but Today. All Day. All Day. All the Glory, Honor, and Praise belongs to the Almighty and only the mistakes are ours. Consigning this message to our earthly remains. Sealing it with the Love of the Almighty and the Blood that flows from man to man. Let us see love and marvel at her beauty; the sun that radiates and rises with each stride of her step and as she smiles upon us may we continue to share the water that she bathes us with. Wash away every harmful waste and accumulation of anything toxic. May we deal one great death blow to this destruction man has embraced and may we LOVE LIVE LOVE.

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