Silence Speaks Sunday Motivation

My openness shares the vulnerability, honesty, and purity of my journey to self. I share my steps openly in efforts to relate and resonate with you. Building blocks and not cement. In mathematics, I would rather tell you my calculations than to tell you the final number/result. This is how I disseminate information. The purpose of life is to identify and become One with the God in you. Thus, Silence Speaks is a transcript of my calculations on the journey back to One, to a state of Godhood.

As a public figure, I attempt to be very responsible and conscious of my tongue as I am aware of the power of my tongue.

I felt the need to clarify a few things. I am a seeker of higher truths and spiritual wisdom. This will forever be. I seek knowledge as water. It’s very fluid and has many layers of meaning. Some visible and some unseen. Nevertheless, it’s water.