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My openness shares the vulnerability, honesty, and purity of my journey to self. I share my steps openly in efforts to relate and resonate with you. Building blocks and not cement. In mathematics, I would rather tell you my calculations than to tell you the final number/result. This is how I disseminate information. The purpose of life is to identify and become One with the God in you. Thus, Silence Speaks is a transcript of my calculations on the journey back to One, to a state of Godhood.

As a public figure, I attempt to be very responsible and conscious of my tongue as I am aware of the power of my tongue.

I felt the need to clarify a few things. I am a seeker of higher truths and spiritual wisdom. This will forever be. I seek knowledge as water. It’s very fluid and has many layers of meaning. Some visible and some unseen. Nevertheless, it’s water.

Growing up, I was raised in a Christian family and followed the practice of Christianity until my adult life. I have always felt unsettled with Christianity and it’s flaws. I have read many of the holy texts from around the world, such as the Book of Enoch, Tablets of Thoth, Tablets of Enki, Epic of Gilgamesh, Enuma Elish, Secret Doctrine, Elijah Muhammad, and more. The two main religions are Christianity and Islam. If one were to take the Bible and Quran as valid religious texts, it is very convincing to state that Islam predates Christianity and Christianity confirms Islam. The Quran confirms the Bible and vice versa. I base this off of the Bible and Quran, and the prophets.

Religion seeks to define the undefinable and to produce a form of order and structure for a general way of life.

Regarding the holy texts, It is a known fact that man has also placed his hands on religion and the holy texts to utilize it as a system of control of the masses and to restrict our Godhood. It is also a known fact that much is kept hidden, secret, and much remains unknown to man and mankind. No religion, today, is what it was when founded nor does any religion practice the full principles and laws of their religion(this is why it’s even said that a new “Islam” will replace the old). With this said, this led me to the understanding of Elijah Muhammad and his teachings on Allah. Does it end here? Only the waters can reveal that answer. Which is why I stay in the waters.

A part of me feels as if it’s a hierarchy of fraternal religions and universal truth. Like a stepping ladder if you visualize it. If you had to follow religion, from what I gather, Islam speaks to the condition of the black man here in America. Islam traces its source to the atom. This is my next area of studies and I shall share my thoughts as I fill my cup. I can comfortably state that Christianity is not it. I’m investigating Islam as the text refers to Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to reveal himself.

One thing I would suggest is to maintain an open mind as once you create judgements, you limit your ability to perceive beyond your ability to perceive and you place yourself into a restricted box. I’m also studying the atom, quantum physics and the wave particularly theory. Knowledge is power. Which is why I caution religion as the true power of God has been hidden from the masses.

One thing I proclaim is that I am a child of the Almighty and there is God in me. It’s up to me to become one with the Godhead.

Silence Speaks by Gian Michael Simmons

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Volume One: Life

Volume Two: Love

Volume Three: Consciousness

Volume Four: The Motivation

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