Silence Speaks Updates on Next MAJOR Book to unlock ALL Secrets the elite and church are hiding

Promised to bring you true knowledge of God and to help you break the Matrix! Next Book release will unlock the Bible in ways you’ve never heard before to reveal the mystery of God and the many secrets everyone is hiding(church included) and to clear up the misinformation regarding Jesus and Satan and last days. I’m NOT afraid to FREELY share the truth of all things breaking down the codes and hidden knowledge to prepare you for last days.

No joke. 3:23 A.M. clocked over 17 hours Yesterday alone to bring Word from heaven.

This is EVERYDAY! For years!


Silence Speaks

Fully invested over 6 figures of my own personal funds invested just to save you!

Website updated regularly, be sure to become a free member at

Feature books:

Silence Speaks Jesus Saves

Silence Speaks Volume Seven

Silence Speaks Volume Collection

1.Volume One: Life 

2.Volume Two: Love

3.Volume Three: Consciousness

4.Volume Four: The Motivation

5. Volume Five: College, The Garden of Life

6. Volume Six: Silence Speaks Jesus Saves ate it!

7. Volume Seven: I AM THAT I AM, Gian Michael Simmons



Love Liberates Volume Collection

1. Volume One: Black Poetry

2. Volume Two: Pretty Girls

Get your copy of Silence Speaks and Love Liberates today!

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