Silence Speaks Wednesday Wisdom 11/10/21

Silence Speaks Wednesday Wisdom

Matthew 5:8, only the pure in heart shall see God.

Be careful what you ask for, especially those wishing to see God.

In Exodus 33:20b “there shall no man see me and live”. This is what God is telling the children of Israel. Even Aaron had to wear certain garments and make certain preparations to be in the presence of God and live.

In 33:22, As God passed by, He had to put them in a Clift of a rock and cover them with His hand while He passed by. His back parts were exposed but His face not seen.

This is why it’s says in Matthew that only the pure in heart shall see God. If your heart is not pure, be careful asking to see God or you might die or even not be able to see God.

So there are requirements to being able to see God. It’s not simply just believing in Jesus. It takes a rebirth of the spirit, confessions of sin, changing of your ways, repenting, and obedience to the laws of God. To see God is to be holy and pure. Salvation is mot a simple prayer. It is a way of life; your life works and faith. May the works of your life speak for you. Silence Speaks Jesus Saves.

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