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For those dog lovers. Most breeds have distinct characteristics. Although your dog may not display certain traits, it is prudent to know the breed characteristics of your dog. It is also important to note the behaviors of the parents and Breeder. Some dogs may not display certain traits until triggered.

For example, many breeds are natural hunters. How many dog owners lost their dogs due to dogs running away or getting hit by a car? That is a result of the natural instinct of your dog. All pets require ongoing training and conditioning. It’s best practices to start at 8 weeks old. Begin with puppy training. Teach your dog how to properly walk on a leash. If you start early, regardless of breed, you won’t need a choke collar ever! Teach your dogs restraints and commands.

Know your breed. If your dog is a natural hunter, then incorporate activities to engage in the experience of hunting. For example, I had a Weimeraner. They love to hunt and are easily distracted. I would use dog Kongs and fill with food and snack. Then, I would take him to the park, throw the Kong, and let him hunt. This eliminated his need to react to chase squirrels, animals, and people.

A tip for all the dogs that love to bark endlessly. Teach your dog the command “speak”. This is when you use the word “speak” and train the dog to bark only during those times. Do this daily and it will eliminate the unnecessary barking. Also, al dogs require proper daily exercise. Before you train your dog, make them exercise. This will also calm them down and allow them to focus during training. I recommend training your dog at least 30 minutes every day. Start with treats and then teach them commands without treating them.

Learn the health and health risks of your breed. Learn what to feed your breed. All breeds are different and require specific diets. If your dog has dry and flaky hair, try adding a whole raw egg into their food. This will help their skin coat. Dogs are not toys or fashion icons. Just like your children, they require an active and responsible parent. Do not stop training and working with your dog because he’s an adult. Being a pet owner is a lifetime commitment. Woof!






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