Sunday Call for Repentance and Salvation 1/16/22

URGENT- Get saved now while it is FREE.

Very important to note: We are living in the church age of the Gentile world. Jesus came to bring the The Gospel of Grace and salvation to all that will accept Him, repent, and follow Him. He came to merge the Jew/Gentile world as One Body of Christ to share His Eternal Kingdom.

This age is coming to a close with the rapture of saints to join Jesus in the clouds. The rapture is imminent and there will be no warning signs. Hence, the time to be saved is now.

Important, if you miss the rapture, WOE TO YOU- the only way to get to heaven is to be a martyr and accept physical death for your faith. The Antichrist will arise after the rapture to begin the Tribulations to prepare for Christ Second Coming. He will also require all to serve him on penalty of death. It will be serve the devil or die for Jesus into eternal life.

You can get saved now without penalty of physical death or living during tribulations.

The tribulations are the worst times and you do not want to be on Earth. Your goal should be to be rapture ready at all times.

The Gospel of Grace means Christ forgives your sins if you:

Accept Jesus for paying for your eternal salvation. Ask Jesus if there is anything in your life that is unclean or not pleasing to Him to remove immediately. Study your Bible and learn of Christ. Repent and depart from evil. Learn the commandments of God and obey. Most importantly, share the message of the gospel. Get the Holy Ghost. Do the works of Christ. Call on Jesus and May Jesus lead you from Earth to Heaven.

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