Sunday Motivation 4/3/22

Growing up in a society that’s based off economics and material success, one could easily lose sight on the true purpose of life. We live in a culture that’s based off money as currency so many spend their life’s energies chasing the mighty dollar and seeking to be “better than the Jones”, the new era of survival of the fittest where money can never buy you happiness nor salvation. Yet, many spend their life seeking it. Now, our youth are trapped living in technology whose infrastructure is founded upon the things contrary to the Most High.

The god of Western culture is money. As many seek to impress the god of money, realize Yahusha said that for a rich person to get into heaven is as a elephant going through a needle. Riches and material gains will not buy you into heaven.

The only ticket to heaven is to be born again, spiritually. The flesh seeks things of the flesh. You must spiritually allow the flesh and ego to perish in order to allow the spirit to live. Do this while living!

What are we? You are not your body. You are the spirit of YAH in the flesh through a vehicle called the human body. A spirit having a human experience called life.

If you spend your time in the flesh, you will never get to know the spirit. How do you get to know the spirit and prepare for YAH? By repenting and departing from evil, by spending time with YAH by reading your Bible, praying, fasting, and meditating on the Word. Prepare yourself to be holy. YAH will come.

The Word will be made flesh and we will all see Yahusha. You must be prepared for YAH to visit the world as when He comes it will be too late to get prepared. Signs are pointing to any moment. The Second Coning is about bringing Judgement, eternal heaven or eternal hell. No one can pray for you or save you. YAH is the only way, truth, and light to eternal life. YAH is a spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and truth.

Make a goal everyday to repent and be born again by turning to YAH will all your heart, soul, and TIME. WOE to those that fail to honor the Creator.

The purpose of life is to be schooled of the spirit through a physical flesh experience, it’s to grow in spirit, and to get closer to YAH, who is Righteousness and Love.

I’m releasing a major Bible study book for all children of Israel and seekers of the kingdom of heaven and YAH. Stay tuned.

Have a nice weekend

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