Testimony Tuesday 12/21/21

2022- get ready for Lucifer, another shutdown, UFOs, the last Great War for survival of man! The Second Coming of Christ.

I hope that you all have been following the Silence Speaks Series. My attempt is to prepare you for upcoming days and to lay out measures needed for you to be saved.

We approach the final battle between good and evil. The war to end all wars.

My last book, Silence Speaks Jesus Saves, presented true knowledge of God. My next book will reveal the greatest secrets known to man, true knowledge of self. I will discuss the circle of time/life and how books like the Bible, Enoch are coded templates to unlocking prophesy and revelations. I will discuss symbolism and the hidden/secret history it holds. I will also discuss Revelations, Fallen Watchers, and preparing you for the revelations of UFOs and “extra/terrestrials”; the different species and which are considered safer/less hostile. Who is of the enemy and who is of God. I will discuss sinners, how to repent, and the Holy Ghost. What’s needed to see and enter the kingdom of heaven. How to be saved, holy, and presentable to God.

This is a series you don’t want to miss as it presents all the keys to your eternal salvation. This is bigger than religion or denominations or even RACE. THIS IS A SURVIVAL SERIES. God has spoken, repent and be born again, judgement day is coming. If you haven’t done so already, read Silence Speaks Jesus Saves and stay tuned!

I promise you will hear it here first as I dedicate myself to walking with God all day and every day, just to save as many as I can!

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