Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Silence Speaks Love Liberates

Sending a universal message of gratitude for all those that support and show love. I retired a successful 19 yr. career to SAVE YOU! That’s how much I care about each and everyone.

Understand this, my work is not easy and May stir emotions. It’s all in truth and love. For the last 7 years, I have been working around the clock securing holy knowledge; to learn the secrets of all things. Investing all my resources To educate, enlighten, and encourage you as we navigate the seas of Revelations as the story unfolds before our eyes. I am but fulfilling my divine role in the movie we call life. I will be expanding my library of books and also having classes and lessons soon. I started a social media page to assist. My website is a social media page and app. Be sure to visit my website and become a member.

We are in last days. The trumpets have already sounded and the seals are broken. Judgement day is near and we must all be prepared. This is my mission and my purpose to save as many as I can. Everything I do is for you. I’m the King of Hearts ♥️ I’m fully invested in your survival and future. Thank you for your love.

Stay tuned. My next book will unlock all keys to the matrix! In a way that can’t be disputed and presented from all angles of academics, myths, religions, and sciences, backed by the laws of nature. The secrets of all things and knowledge of the lost and forever time. The real beginning! Before death was eternity!

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