Throwback Thursday 1/13/22


Acts 3:25-26, You are the children of the covenant which God made with Abraham…and raised up His Son, Jesus, to pay the sacrifice AND provide an OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL TO BE SAVED.

There’s only ONE TRUE LIVING GOD who created all things. He revealed His name to Moses. We call Him, Jehovah, Yahweh, YHWH, Jesus, Yeshua. Blessed be His Holy Name.

ALL other gods are demonic fallen angels with NO POWER. GOD has ALL POWER. They are TOOLS! In fact, soon there will only be TWO CHOICES as the devil will consolidate all other gods(many names). JESUS IS THE SAME!

Your choice. It is written by ALL, including DEMONIC RELIGIONS, that GOOD WILL WIN. Jesus will reign as King.

Fret not, you’ll get your demonic “golden age” for a few months during tribulations. Then, it’s off to the Lake of burning eternal fire. It’s already in the stars and heavenly objects. Soon even the government will NOT BE ABLE TO HIDE THE HEAVENLY SIGNS OF JESUS COMING TO EARTH. Hidden knowledge to CONFIRM JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON!

Israel gained independence and Jerusalem back. Jesus said He will return in a GENERATION. Hence, check the object approaching EARTH 2029!

Do the MATH!

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No man knows the hour, but I FEEL JACOBS TROUBLE COMING SOON! Be ready by putting on the FULL ARMOR OF JESUS. If you need Salvation or prayer, comment and I’ll link you with ministers. GET THE HOLY GHOST NOW. For the LIFE OF ME, CAN SOMEONE SHOW THE POWER OF JESUS AND THE REAL HOLY GHOST!

Can someone stand in the spirit of Elijah. Where is your FEARLESS FAITH IN JESUS?


References: Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zachariah, Genesis, Moses, Jesus, Elijah, John, Revelations

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