Throwback Thursday 11/18/21

Silence Speaks Throwback Thursday

This message is for the adults. Those that have started a family, career, or life. Those that have children that are now adults. We’re in the age of reflection. Looking back at how much the flesh has gained and impacted the soul. Looking back on our decisions, actions, inactions, how we raised our children, built our career and home. How we spent our time with the things of God.

No matter where you are right now. While you’re reflecting, say a simple prayer for God to take you back to the first place you believed. You may not praise God the same. May not spend as much time with God. Somehow, God is not made first in your life. You get to God when you have the time.

Father, wherever your children may be right now, take us back, in spirit and truth. Renew our strength. Restore our joys. Wipe away weary eyes. Give us a new hope. Encourage the faith. Stimulate the hearts to serve You. Throw us back into the yoke of the Father. Gather the wheat and the sheep. Throw us back into Your Glory. Take us back!

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