Throwback Thursday- The Matrix 11/23/21

Throwback Thursday

The key to life is symbolism. I just watched the “Matrix Resurrections”. Amazing job. Check it out. Layers of hidden meaning. Talk about a real throwback to a Hollywood cinematic display of prophesy. In the last days, it is said that the Goddess will leave Lucifer and fall back in love with the Lord God. The two will RE-unite, RE-claim, and RE-create a new world. RE-think Trinity!

I’ll get more into this in my next book in Jan 2022. “Extra-terrestrials”, UFOs, End Days/How to prepare, be saved and MORE! Silence Speaks what others are silent about and HIDE! I’m SO TAPPED INTO THE SECRETS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH in a NON-bias way. Just facts. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST CLOSELY FOLLOW AND SUPPORT.

I freely share so be sure to support and stay tuned. I cracked the Matrix just for you!

Deeper meaning, it also shows that the Bible has been all lived out. HIDDEN HISTORY. We have been LIED TO! Jesus came and so did paradise. Somehow, evil returned and we’re back to where we started, again. A Loop. This is why Jesus is coming back, again, to relive the prophecies and Revelations! 3 is a charm! The Trinity “Second” coming! The matrix has been resurrected to break the loop. Silence Speaks Jesus Saves. Get it TODAY! Click to buy on Amazon.

No man knows the time or hour of the return of Christ. I say, it is imminent. You MUST REPENT, DEPART FROM EVIL, GET THE HOLY GHOST, and GET SAVED, Now!

If you need prayer, inbox or comment and I’ll link you with global ministers.

Be sure to get your copy today as the series gets much deeper. Working on next major book project for Jan 2022!

Silence Speaks Jesus Saves and Silence Speaks Volume 7 are series highlight books. Get it now! I do this for you! Thanks for the support. LOVE

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