Throwback Tuesday 11/30/21

Silence Speaks Throwback Tuesday

God will never put more on us than we can bear. Many of us are swimming in the seas of our problems because we have not learned how to raise our serpent in the wilderness as Moses. We are living in the wilderness of sin and the weapons of warfare are not carnal. You must be spiritually equipped to be as the Biblical Job to withstand the tests and trials of spirit versus matter and still walk with God in spirit and truth. Moses fed the people manna. Jesus is the living bread of life and the only way to be saved. Take the yoke of Jesus for His burden is light and He can create living waters to command your seas of life.

The exit from the womb birthed us into a life of sin. Throwback Tuesday is to return to the spiritual place before death became known as life. A place where we are one with the Father.

Whatever you are in, You can get out of. You must turn from all evil ways and walk with God in the fullness of truth and love. Repent and seek the kingdom of heaven. Walk in a level of depth, in God, that supersedes the level of depth, of sin, which you come from.

Lean not to your own understanding. Lean on Jesus!

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