Tuesday Testimony 1/18/22

I suspect all rights to be eliminated in the name of a satanic “one world government”. Right now, on every level(local, regional, state, federal), loopholes are being created in laws to set the foundation to steal all your rights as citizens and all private property. The constitution already has loopholes to steal the country that the US government doesn’t even own! We call it America!

Coming off MLK Day, it’s Quite fitting to study Daniel 9, Jesus Olivert Discourse, Zachariah, and Revelations. Know what the end of an age brings! All in your Bible! We are living these times now!

Many resources have been drained. Soon, personal property will be eliminated, including your ability to store reserves and resources(food and supplies). All will be on a ration system by the government and an attempt enforcing of the mandatory mark of the beast. This is why COVID numbers must be inflated to cause a state of panic to lay the foundation to a “military-state” society. Infected people are not your enemy. The LAW IS YOUR ENEMY.

Sad thing, YOU, the citizens who don’t vote or hold leaders accountable or even follow actions/activities or trust devil deals - YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!

The elite used ALL your money to build bunkers underground so WHEN YOU WAKEUP and realize you been HAD by ALL LEADERS! Then, comes military enforced police state!

Concentration camps have been built and the tone is set (stealing all resources, rights, weapons, and power) to declare war AGAINST THE PEOPLE! Even fields of graves are ready for mass deaths. They will soon turn on us!

Know your rights. Get active in the law and legal process. At this point, Jesus is the only way to be saved. Come together in love. As a collective whole, Learn how to call on Jesus.

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