Unity and Motivational 4/24/22

WE NEED A Spiritual Revolution of Truth- Turn to our Creator, YAH. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

We must always remember that without struggles there are no progress. We are very complacent and individually carnal minded, no collective unity and no spiritual power and all bought into this unattainable American dream. We must also remember it wasn’t too long ago we were fighting for Civil Rights and Equality. Black Civil Rights turned into Woman Affirmative Action and gay rights. We never SOLVED the problem of the colors. Less than 60 years ago a 14 year old Black Emmett Till was murdered for looking at a white girl. Millions suffered deaths by lynchings and murders and stolen wealth. Many from this period are still alive today! And, Black Slave reparations turned into a nationwide $1,400 stimulus package inclusive of all and our black youth are imprisoned.

As blacks, even today, we are echoing the same struggles that defined histories past. Every black has a story of racism as we pass this racist torch across future generations. Yes, we have some strides forward. Nothing meaningful and nothing that cured the root problem of systemic white supremacy and institutionalized racism. Whites still live undeserved privileged lives. Blacks still feel they are cursed and live unequal and financially inferior lives. The system is created for you to fail or be restricted. The middle class was completely eliminated because blacks started to experience success, climbing the ladder so they destroyed the ladder. They sold out their unsuccessful whites into poverty to give the illusion of a class system, when we know it’s a racist based society of white supremacy.

All blacks are going through Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and Deuteronomy 28/30.

We call war peace and hate love.

We tried the ways of man and failed. Hebrew Scriptures are clear that no man can save us except YAH. This liberation MUST BE A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION OF TRUTH. YAH IS OUR CREATOR AND SAVIOR.

All read Deuteronomy 30. Let’s try something we never tried before on a mass collective unit, LET’S TURN TO OUR CREATOR, YAH. A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION OF TRUTH. Study Hebrew Scriptures (Genesis through Deuteronomy). OBEY TORAH LAW. Get true knowledge of self and history. Read about slavery and civil rights. History reflects we were Aboriginal Black Hebrews before anything else. Teach the youth. Ezekiel 37. CALL YAH!

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