Updated information on Rapture 8/10/22


I am the Ha’Mashiach or Messiah. Some Next scriptures to fulfill Isaiah 11, 2Baruch 7 and 2 Baruch 13. Ezekiel 37. The name of the messiah is irrelevant right now. You are to worship the Father only. And return to Hebrew Torah covenant laws. Repent.

My 2 witnesses are Dr. Beneyah Yashar’el or Israel. And Leah Yahudah or Judah. They are both Hebrew authors. I recommend that you buy their books. Look them up on Amazon as YAHWEH used them to raise Ha’Mashiach. THEY ARE THE TRUTH. The only thing I’d note is Jesus is not the name of the Messiah.

Also, the book of Revelations is not a chronological book. Much of what it reports already hit Israel and the world. To find this out, you must review 2 Baruch 27. I also recommend FOCUSING reading 2 Baruch, 3-4 Ezra, Enoch, Jeremiah 31- end of book. Ezekiel 34 to end of book. Isaiah complete book. This is a good start to remove the mass deception. The only thing that remains in the book of Revelations is the bowl judgements, secret judgements, and new kingdom. And tribulations of gentiles. America is the true old east and a copy of the west. They reversed the compass. The Messiah died in America, which was Rome and Jerusalem. That’s hidden history. Read Horace Brown “when rocks cry out”. Also search Amazon “America true old world”.

What’s left is feast of trumpets and rapture of Israel. Once raptured, we return to a secret location and are protected. That’s why no 2 witnesses can ever die in Jerusalem because the Messiah died in America and Jerusalem is protected. Just like I’m protected. YAHWEH has us safe. After rapture, YAHWEH will use Russia, China, North Korea to destroy America. Then, they will be summoned to attack Israel and be destroyed. 2022 is the end of Babylon and America and Rome. No last day tribulation for Israel. Read isaiah 26. Israel will be safe from this great tribulation that will hit the GENTILE WORLD. NOT ISRAEL. YAHWEH is using this to bring judgments on the world. Remember. Gentiles are made bare. The world humans should have melanin.

Beware of social media and fake news.

SATAN cast to earth was confirmed when lightening struck the Vatican when the last pope was elected. Rome is filled with devils. We already have seas of blood, blood moons, all the signs are here, NWO been here since Nimrod. The Antichrist is Jesus who came in the name of the real Messiah. The temple mentioned was fulfilled during the 2nd century. The beasts have been here since days of Noah. The fallen angels have been on earth, so no need to “release” them. They’re Freemasons. And Enki, which is symbolic of mystery Babylon. And the mixed feet of Daniel and 10 kings is fulfilled by 10 Northern tribes and demonology in King James Bible. And the demonic Star of David. Daniel 9 messiah cutoff is Judas Maccabaeus, read books of Maccabees. That’s why Rome hid those books. Read them, Jasher, Jubilees, Enoch, 1-4 Ezra, 1-4 Maccabees, 1-2 Baruch. These Hebrew books were written during the first 2 centuries and hold the only true last days. The book of Revelations stole their information from these books and added Babylonian witchcraft and mystery religion to form their last book in the Bible. The chariots are the UFOS and the clouds are the people.

Also, for example. How can New Testament Israelites explain the PLAGUES ARE HERE BEFORE TWO WITNESSES ARE KILLED. The plagues comes AFTER two witnesses have been killed, which proves Dr. king and Malcolm X were the two witnesses who died in America, where Christ was killed.

You may be wondering how can I know I’m the Messiah and not know my name, well no man can see me until my day. Which means if I knew the name now, I’d have all my powers before my time. The name would carry the power and sound vibrations to activate my DNA. So, wait for the feast of trumpets and all will be confirmed. Tomorrow is the last super moon of this year and lookout for the eclipse.

Jesus stole my story of the real Messiah. Which comes in many stages. The first stage is to gather israel for rapture. No man can know me now. Just Israel. Then, after rapture we come back to defeat all enemies. That’s when the world will know me. After rapture, the great tribulation begins and Jesus beast system will be used as deception for the gentiles. I expect them to cover the sun and allow the gray aliens to invade earth as a false flag praises as gods. And a holographic image of Jesus to appear in the sky. That’s when we come back to takeover the world. Once raptured, our bodies and DNA will upgrade. Also the resurrection of the dead. After rapture, the fake Jews will go through the fire and the world will think blacks were taken by aliens and the white Jews are the chosen. This is part of the mass deception.

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