Updates and Warning message for all

Warning. We are living amongst a grand deception. Regardless of what the elite, media, and Hollywood presents, there is only one script that governs and dictates the reality of last days and will play out. Study prophets, ex. Baruch, Ezra, Enoch, Revelations. The Word of YAH outlines what you must do to gain salvation, eternal life, enter the kingdom of heaven, and prepare for last days. Step away from movies and study your Cepher and bibles!

Majority of what you see and are taught goes AGAINST the Word of YAH and will lead you to hell. A few examples of false teachings are evolution, earth ball spinning in deep space and aliens. The earth is flat and those aliens are fallen angels/demons and not savior gods. Hate and Homosexuality is a sin and demons need sin to possess you!

Biggest warnings to those who use magic, witchcraft, and sorcery. Mystery schools are products of Satan and will only lead you to hell and demon possessed to fight against the Most High.

You can’t save yourself. Turn to YAH, HE will fight for you and the only way to be saved.

Study the Torah and words of Yahusha to learn the commandments and what’s an abomination to YAH. That’s your keys to heaven.

There’s no spiritual Israel and true Israel must awaken dry bones and call on YAH!

Stay tuned. My 40 day fast was very fruitful. I’ll be releasing additional books and website updates soon. Become a free member to stay informed at www.gianmichaelsimmons.com

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