Wednesday Wisdom 1/12/22

Kindly, STUDY your Bible for insights to all my posts. I speak directly from scriptures and prophesy(most fulfilled)

I would have you to be wise concerning knowledge of good and evil. Just as we await the return of Jesus, people of sin await the return of the Antichrist, their Messiah.

Already here working, The Antichrist is the greatest deceiver and will have the majority of the Earth fooled. He will gather all together in the name of World Peace. He will lead Israel to their promised land (1948)and be instrumental in the building of a new temple. He will even fool the faithful to extent that when Christ returns, IN THE FLESH, the majority of Earth will be under demonic possession. I suspect the false prophet to come from HIP HOP! BOTH ARE WORKING AS WE SPEAK!

I suspect The Mark of the Beast will incorporate a pc chip linked to the vaccine and 5G phones to send a worldwide signal to IMITATE THE RAPTURE OF JESUS. You will be CHANGED, indeed. Also, demons(you call aliens) will unleash chaos so they can present “order”. This is punishment and also your last opportunity to seek salvation in Jesus. All who stand pure and true to Jesus will be safe but STILL ON EARTH. The end of the Gentile world/church age comes with the Second Coming. There is NO PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE. Everything happens on the Lord’s Day. ONE EXTREMELY BUSY DAY FOR JESUS!

You cannot defeat Jesus and no rock or underground city can shelter His wrath. EVERY RELIGION ON EARTH VERIFIES JESUS WILL WIN THIS WAR and demons will be in eternal hell.

COME OUT OF Spiritual BABYLON. Jesus is the only way one can be saved and it all starts with REPENT. YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. Will you humble yourself pride and understand free will is not as free as you think.

Also, KNOW THIS. BIBLE/Historical FACTS.

There’s only ONE TRUE LIVING GOD. He revealed His name to Moses. We call Him, Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, Yeshua.

Stay tuned for part 2 and my next MAJOR PROJECTS. Raise the spirit of Elijah and CALL ON JESUS!

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