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Love Liberates Non-Profit Corporation

Gian is also excited to announce the start of his non-profit organization called “Love Liberates”. A portion of Gian Michael Simmons Productions’ revenues will go to help start this charitable project that he’s very excited about. The mission of Love Liberates is to restore the hopes and joys of life, to motivate and encourage others, to foster mentorship, meditation group, inner city community services, and homeless outreach.

More information on this exciting project will be released soon. Be sure to join the mailing list to stay informed and to get involved. 

You may find Gian Michael Simmons Productions and Love Liberates Non-Profit at and follow Gian’s social media pages for updates. Gian can be found @GianMichaelSimmons on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, WordPress and @GianMSimmons on Twitter. Stay tuned!

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Love Liberates Inc. Non- Profit

Looking for Mentors and Board Members

I’m starting a non profit called Love Liberates. I filed the paperwork already. The mission of Love Liberates is youth mentorship and homeless outreach.

I am writing the blueprint and open to suggestions. It will be very organized and professional. All mentors will be vetted. I will have webinars, website, functions, outreach, programs, podcasts, and mentoring/internships, free scholarships. 

Currently, I am looking for board members to serve and help to lead. The goal is to foster youth leadership and to prepare future generations. I’m also looking for podcast hosts in sports, politics(all parties), health, fitness, dating, teachers to give lessons, tutors, language translators, music, entrepreneurship/business, accounting, arts/fashion, engineering, science/alchemy, geometry, drug counselors, legal and medical professionals, homeless outreach, domestic violence and abuse, book clubs, writers, authors, poets, artists, undiscovered talents, media/news, chefs, and in any areas of specialities. I have built the platform, website, and have the following. You will have your own channel to host and a chance to join this global movement of Love Liberates. Each one teach one. Come together as One. 

The first event will be a neighborhood street clean up day and homeless outreach. I want this to go viral and global. In my hometown, I plan to have an event and have free giveaways and homeless care packages. I want you all to join me in your local areas. Any companies interested in donating or contributing, feel free to contact me. I want to give away clothing, food, and homeless essentials. More information will be coming soon. 

I also have clothing, merchanidise, and apparels. 

Let me know if you are interested. Anyone interested, feel free to contact me for more information. 

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Gian Michael Simmons Productions

Renowned Author

Gian Michael Simmons Productions has always been enthusiastic about great projects, and are privileged to have turned their passion into a thriving career.

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Non-Profit : Welcome
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